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Originally Posted by OReely View Post

I agree that this flag thing is ridiculous but what freedom has been stripped away because of it?
Freedom from oppression man.

Seriously I think the cause-in this case a hateful nutjob murderer with a confederate flag fetish- and the effect-nationwide purging of what many consider a part of heritage and history-
is a violation of the 1st Amendment.
To remove it because a hate group has adopted it as their symbol is akin to persecuting ALL Muslims because of ISIL.
It has spurred my Governor to remove this flag from our capitol and the symbol from our state flag without any voice from his constituents. This IMO is govt. oppression.
While I don't display the flag, I have grown up () with it in its present form as part of my southern heritage.
I spent my teen years working at a resort near here in the Heart of Dixie-home of racial prejudice and discrimination in the eyes of many- with over 400 employees. The majority were black and I made some lifelong friendships there. I never heard the word racism and as a whole we all got along very well.
I have never seen the hate and division between races as high as it is today across the country but it has not taken hold here yet thank God.