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Originally Posted by Biglurp View Post
If you find the right boat at the right price, you should be able to keep it's value up there. I sold each of my first 3 boats for more than I paid for them.
I'm on my fourth boat in 15 years here in Alaska. I buy older hulls, expect to repower, then clean the boat up, add new electronics and whatnot, play with the boat for a couple of years, sell it for nearly double the purchase price + motor. Probably still just break even with the money and time spent on the other items, but it's a bit of a hobby.

I definitely don't look at it as an investment. I'm happy that I'm not losing my shirt on the things (as is my wife) but I expect if I actually took the time to expense out ** everything ** I'd be somewhat dismayed (as would my wife, minus the 'somewhat').