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Design and materials leapfrog each other. New materials stimulate design, and the demands of new designs give rise to investment in new materials. And then there is the Internet. My friend Brownie told me 20 years ago that the boat business will be just like the car business in the future. A few "majors" building the majority of the boats, but still a place with the limited production specialists.

I felt there was a huge amount of low hanging fruit in this market segment, and with the collaboration with Ray, the opportunity to collect it.

My new best friend is our calibrated digital scale. Its good for 1 Ton, or 2200 lbs.
As parts are completed and are compared to the weight study, we are equal or less.
The scale is weighing a 39' part. We expect to be about 500 lbs lighter than Reggie's 42' 177 mph Kilo record holder. That means if we put 1200 hp in each hull instead of the 350 Verado's, and up the size of the T-Top legs, 180 mph should be no problem!
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