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Originally Posted by Bruce W View Post
We have a small lake/pond at the back corner of our lot - where the dam is.

There are usually close to 50 around that end of the lake at any given time.

The dam is maintained by the county and they usually let the grass get 12-18in. high to keep the geese (and the POOPING!) off the top area of the dam. Kids fish off there a lot in the summer, so it helps THEM keep the poop off their feet, too.

In 4 years here, the geese have only walked over to our yard 1-2 times (about 50-75ft. away). Once when I saw them, I just yelled and clapped my hands and they "quacked" a few times and headed back over to the dam.

My "plan" is:

1st time - yell!
2nd time - maybe a shot with a LOW-powered BB gun
3rd time - hold up a bottle of BARBECUE SAUCE and wave it at them!

Small sky rockets fired over their heads- works every time.