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BGE owner here. I looked at both BGE/Primo and wished I would have researched a bit better. From what I have read the Primo is a "true" convection scenario. Its shape and design lend itself to this much desired approach to cooking.

That being said there are things I did like about the BGE obviously that I liked and made the decision to buy based on that.

I have the large BGE and it has performed as well as I was told it would and have had good - not great success with long cooks. I say good because I cannot get a brisket to come out as well as ones I have had around town at my favorite restaurants. Everything else has been very tasty.

One more thing to consider if you haven't already. You will need accessories in order to utilize the full potential of either one. I used Ceramic Grill Store accessories instead of BGE's plate setter and am very happy I did. The Big Rig they sell is much more versatile than BGE's stuff imo and CGS builds some quality stuff with real solutions to needs for Kamodo style Qing.

Good luck in your selection.
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