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Originally Posted by On the Half Shell View Post
I have a Primo. I have no idea whether it's better than a BGE or not but from I could tell when I bought it, they seemed the same. Neither one is cheap either.

To be honest, it can be a pain as your only grill because it's not as simple as turning the gas on and grilling. You can't use brickettes or lighter fluid and it took me awhile to learn what works best in my grill for getting the fire going.

It cooks great but if you're going to leave the top open while you stand there and flip burgers it is no better than a $50 Weber grill. The secret is keeping the top closed.

If you just like to throw some meat on the grill it's not worth it. If you watch cooking shows every Sunday and are a fanatic about BBQ or your chicken tends to dry out then it may be worth it. A Primo / BGE is great but I like a $300 gas grill to go with it sometimes.
Good advice. I'm more of a slow cook kind of guy. I have a super small charcoal grill for quick and dirty and have a small gas grill I use on the boat. I just don't want 3 grills sitting on my deck. Starts to look like Sanford and son. Lol.
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