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Originally Posted by Otseg View Post
They are Mil Spec. Designed to drop them full, 10 times from 10 feet onto concrete.

Ethanol is a very aggressive solvent so we are going for seamless construction. After our initial investment, subsequent tank sets will be more economical.

I have limited experience with the ATL bladder tanks. 25 years ago I did tooling and parts for a 55' sport boat with 4 big blocks that ran 75 mph. We made a compartment for a huge ATL tank. I heard later that the boat had made a few profitable "trips" from Africa to Italy, and then scuttled. Not a chance to test longevity. My impression, but not first hand knowledge was that there was a service life to bladder tanks, but a long time more than one or two trips I am sure! :-) No doubt there would be a considerable weight saving. Its worth looking into.

Its a choice of either a pressure system or vent thru a carbon canister. That's the regulations after 2012 we must follow.
I knew about the vent canister but I didn't know USCG let the pressurized system fly.

If I were getting a new boat built I would really want which ever system was easier to remove and convert back to the old way.
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