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Default 100% Japanese BIG GAME Fluorocarbon Leader Line from 200# to 400# Coil

This is my (PRO Challenger) new Super Fluorocarbon Leader lines for BIG GAME Fishing, and it is made with 100% Japanese fluorocarbon and other materials. We have a lot of THT members have tried our lower #class on this fluorocarbon line, and they are very please to it. In addition, the price is right.

It comes clear color with little gold transparent in 25 yards coil on 200#, 250#, 300# and 400# class lines. It has very high abrasion resistance rate. It is as good as other brand name.

The shipping cost is $2.50 for each coil within the US. 6% sales tax will be added if the package is shipped within FL.

200# (1.54mm) - $57.95 each.
250# (1.72mm) - $61.95 each.
300# (1.99mm) - $66.95 each.
400# (2.33mm) - $78.95 each.

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We accept credit card by phone (561-568-3980) or PayPal. Please PM or email to us at sales@prochallenger.com for requesting PayPal invoice. An order can also to be placed at my online store (https://squareup.com/market/pro-challenger-llc). Please let us know the state where the package will be shipped to.

If you have any question, please feel free to reach us at 561-568-3980.

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