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Default Roberts Ranger Casting Lures - kills the bluefish works great on tuna also FISHGRAIN

What is the Ranger?

The Ranger is an indestructible piece of hard plastic that casts a mile. Available in a variety of colors (including chrome plated) in 2.25 oz, 3 oz. and 4 oz.

Price is $7.49 - $10.99

Got its start as a NE surf lure and since has gained in popularity in fisheries all over the world because the thing flat out catches fish.

It's not some fancy boy pretty lure that looks great in the package on the store shelf but never seems to get hit. Anyone got a tackle box full of crap that matches that description?

How does it fish?

It will walk across the surface on a slow retrieve more or less staying in constant contact with the water and will start to skip and pop as you increase the speed.

** use links to view more details, pics and video on fishgrain.com **

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Roberts Ranger Lures

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