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Default RE: the accurate 12 platinum twin drag - rebuild

here's the problem....

this is a view of the right side of the spool. with no tension on the drag pressure plates, these plates push back against the spool cover and seal the drag chamber against water intrusion. there is no rubber gasket, just flat metal pushing against flat plastic. if you submerge the reel, water will obviously intrude, but if it's just splashed or hosed, water likely will not.

when the reel is in gear, the drag pressure plate is pressed inward against the drag washer, leaving a HUGE gap between pressure plate and the spool cap. i think you can see that this situation has the potential to be many times worse.

here's the solution from shimano. note the rubber gasket inside the spool cap....

now note the metal "lip" at the top of the drag pressure plate....

when the reel is in "free," there is no contact between the pressure plate and the spool cap. this allows the spool to turn freely. when the lever is thrown forward to strike, the drag pressure plate is forced down against the drag washer and the top lip of the pressure plate wedges up against the rubber gasket of the spool cap and seals the drag pressure chamber against water intrusion. very slick. shimano has this. penn and accurate do not. and avet is just plain open with no spool cap at all.

here is what the pressure plate and spool cap look like together. the lip of the pressure plate is resting against the gasket, but you get the idea....

note that this gasket system of shimano's is not 100%. you see in this picture that there is evidence of EXTENSIVE water intrusion, soaking into this non-greased canvas drag washer on the left. it will soon be replace by the carbon fiber drag washer on the right.

here is another shimano lever drag reel that shows bearing damage (rust) and water damage to the drag washer.

so there are several points to make here.

one, canvas drags are subject to water damage because they cannot function if greased. they must remain absolutely dry. want 100% reliability? do what shimano did in their two speed reels over 30 years ago and use a greased carbon fiber drag washer.

two, water intrusion into shielded bearings will cause corrosion even if the bearings are greased. shields will keep a little water out. if water intrusion is extensive and the water gets past the shields, these shields will now hold that water in and the bearing will rust even in the presence of grease. i know this because i change out a lot of shielded bearings that are rusted. this may change someday, but currently i recommended removing the shields and leaving them open, cleaning out all the hardended grease, and lubing them up with corrosion x. shimano makes a light bearing grease that i will use for a reel that will see extreme service and does not require alot of freespool. bottom line here is that a grease carbon fiber drag is forever, but a bearing, no matter what i do, is not.

three. shimano reels should be washed down in "strike." penn and accurate should be washed in "free." avets, with no spool cap at all, should be washed in "strike."

pain in the butt, huh!!!!!!!