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Default RE: the accurate 12 platinum twin drag - rebuild

Drifter - 11/15/2005 10:55 PM

alantani - 11/15/2005 9:53 PM

when the reel is in freespool and out of gear, the two stainless steel drag pressure plates (key #80) press out against the spool covers (key #'s 75 and 90) and provide some protection against saltwater intrusion. when the reel is in gear, there is a gap that water can enter. shimano tld's and tiagra's are just the opposite. shimano has a gasket system that seals the drag chamber when the reel is gear, and is slightly open when the reel is in freespool. leave your accurate 12 in freespool when you hose it off.
Thanks for the info. I've been putting the drag on full before hosing off, but now I know to put it in freespool instead.
Alan- Interesting that the Accurate manual indicates full drag for washing.

Page 6 on the link:

I wonder if that's why you saw evidence of water intrusion on the reel in the pics. Perhaps the owner followed the manufactuer's recommendation, resulting in water seeping through the gap...