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Originally Posted by M.A.CCruiser View Post
interested in your product - i am not a detailer, nor do i play one on TV - and i would REALLY love to avoid the $$$ it's going to cost me to hire one - but i may just lean that direction if this is the way the conversation goes.

I just picked up a new-to-me Wellcraft Eclipse 233 - and you can see in the picture, the green lines are faded and chaulky, and thats the "general" color of the boat. Is there a way to get this all back to "showroom shine" again? Or based on the age etc i'm going to have to deal with a the dullness of it?

I've seen a few different kits/ideas that range from a wet-sanding, followed by a compounding, followed by a polish, and then a good waxing (hence why the detailers probably charge so much) - which of these steps does your "buff magic" remove? Will i get the same quality as the 3 or 4 step? is a Wax still needed?

If you believe your product will get me back to that "showroom shine" i'll give it a shot and post up results.

Thank you in advance

First, congratulations on your boat purchase! Now let's get it shined up. You don't have to be a detailer to restore your boat. All it takes is a little hard work and the right tools. To make your Wellcraft shine like new, your going to have to compound or wet sand. Wet Sanding is skill that takes time to master, and if your unfamiliar with the process or don't have the right tools you can do some significant damage. The alternative is to compound and polish. This is where our Buff Magic really stands out. It is a variable grit compound, which means it starts very coarse and thins out as you work it in. The idea is a one step compound that will leave your surface just as good as a multistep process. We think you'll like what you see if you try it on the Wellcraft.

Next you will want to seal the finish with a wax. With your boat fully buffed, a coat of our Pro Polish will protect it for several months. The idea is to reapply the Pro Polish every few months to continue to protect the new finish. As long as you maintain a good wax layer, your boat should stay at its best.

If you want how-to instructions, we offer a variety of instructional videos at Best of luck on the Wellcraft, let us know how it goes!
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