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Originally Posted by rocksandblues View Post
I know you guys are tough and probably shave with a rusty pocket knife...

After decades of using what ever barbasol or whatever was on sale. I have found custom shaving cream from a boutique.

I occasionally accompany my GF to a shop that sells all kinds of custom bath, creams, lotions, etc. you can buy premade stuff or have them custom blend a scent for you. I must say her skin feels, smells and tastes soooo good with this lotion she has recently been using.

Anyway, last time I was there I noticed a very small men's section. In it was a jar of shaving lotion that had a whipped consistency. I had them mix in a manly/musky scent and have been amazed at the results. Easier to shave, skin is better off and leaves a great smell.

Say what you want about my man card- but this high end shaving lotion is the truth.
Dude! You shopped in the Very Small Men's Section and told us about it
You should have known you were gonna get busted-on about that.
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