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Originally Posted by JAGSARE1 View Post
I know that boat well. I owned a 1991 back in 1992. It was identical to yours but with red stripes which is the worst color for fading. IMHO, you are fighting a losing battle with those stripes. Mine seemed to fade on a daily basis and eventually has the stripes "painted". That boat taught me a lesson in that red is horrible for fading and white is right on a boat. Being you are in NH, you may have a better experience than I did down here in Florida. We had a lot of good times on that boat. Plenty fast, looks good, spent a lot of nights on it. It was the last non-fishing boat I owned. Good luck with it.
Well, we are actually in the same boat (pun intended) I'm in Sarasota. The boat is kept in high and dry storage. And has been for all the years of its life. It was only on the trailer for transport. So, hopefully that'll help with keeping the shine.

It's not the green that so much bothers me. That I expect to be faded to some degree after this many years. But the white has the same lack luster color as well. I know it's hard to tell without eyes or hands on the boat. But, considering the new sponsor to the forum, I'm happy to try and endorse the product if they'll say it'll do the job. Shoot, I'll even pick up their fancy buffin machine.

But I don't want to pick it up if it's more of a "maintenance" product compared to a "restore" product. Hopefully that makes sense.
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