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Originally Posted by M.A.CCruiser View Post
interested in your product - i am not a detailer, nor do i play one on TV - and i would REALLY love to avoid the $$$ it's going to cost me to hire one - but i may just lean that direction if this is the way the conversation goes.

I just picked up a new-to-me Wellcraft Eclipse 233 - and you can see in the picture, the green lines are faded and chaulky, and thats the "general" color of the boat. Is there a way to get this all back to "showroom shine" again? Or based on the age etc i'm going to have to deal with a the dullness of it?

I've seen a few different kits/ideas that range from a wet-sanding, followed by a compounding, followed by a polish, and then a good waxing (hence why the detailers probably charge so much) - which of these steps does your "buff magic" remove? Will i get the same quality as the 3 or 4 step? is a Wax still needed?

If you believe your product will get me back to that "showroom shine" i'll give it a shot and post up results.

Thank you in advance

I would give it a shot. The one suggestion I would offer is to follow the instructions to the tee. I have used this on two boats that were fairly heavily oxidized. The first one came out great, the second no so much. I forgot to use a lower speed on the second one.
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