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Originally Posted by MrWesson View Post
If you did that in a car you'd be going 20mph in a 45 which isn't against the law.

Just sayin.
I can't walk down the middle of that street and impede traffic. I can't drive any uninsured non registered motorized vehicle on that street that would impede traffic flow. The HCSO put up and electronic sign warning the riders and the OP of this post questioned my observation on this forum requesting details of such said situation in another thread.

Well, here is the photo. Dip shits out there doing it again and yes the law got involved in the photo I shared. No idea of the outcome other than ironically a uniformed deputy snagged every single one of them on his motorcycle right in front of me. Another delay that morning.

And, this tough talk about how some cyclist will catch you at the next traffic signal and kick your car or knock you out through your window. You best brush up on the laws in Florida. You put any part of your body inside of my vehicle your last worry will be running into an open car door.
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