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Paul Barnard
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Originally Posted by Squid Row View Post
He better not move into the lane to avoid getting doored and inconvenience some internet tough guy for three seconds or he will get run over, his wife abused and his dog kicked unless it is a pit bull
You summed most of it up pretty nicely and in doing so identified an issue for us cyclists who take on a cooperative spirit with traffic. The cyclist is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. That bike lane is almost entirely within the door zone. If the cyclist rides in the door zone he risks being doored. It is a common cause of severe bicycle injury and death.

If he rides in the lane, he risks being buzzed and berated by angry motorists who demand he ride in the bicycle lane though the don't fully appreciate why a cyclist doesn't want to.

A good friend of mine who rides with me rides in the door zone frequently. I get on her ass about it. A mutual good friend of ours lives outside DC in VA. He lives about a half mile from a dedicated bike path. He hates riding in traffic, but does over that half mile. It has a bike lane like the one in the picture that is completely within the door zone.

He got doored by a food delivery driver a week or so ago. It tore his bicep in half. It has been repaired but may never be normal again. He is in the Coast Guard. If he doesn't regain full use of his arm he will be out of a job. VA law does not place any responsibility on the person opening the door to make sure it is safe t do so. He has no legal recourse.

Ultimately you are paying for it. All the medical payments now and any future disability payments.

Door zone bike lanes suck. If they are wide enough, I ride in the outer portion. I get buzzed by motorists. Probably to teach me a lesson. I will not ride in a door zone though. Most of the time riders get doored they get knocked into traffic. Many times the get run over.