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Default Navionics Charts Clarification Please!

I want to upgrade the chart in my HDS 8. I've been using the stock chart for two years and I need better bottom chart depth contours. I've done an abundance of reading and for the life of me I can't figure out which chart will work for what I need. The two charts I think that will work are
Navionics Platinum + 904P
Navionics Platinum + Maine 673P
Can someone tell me what the differences are in these two charts. The 673 is about $150 less. Compared to the 904P which is about $325.00
From what I can tell what I want is the Sounding Charts which only come in certain chart versions. Tried to find a website that contrasted the chips but nothing really explained it. maybe I'm just making this way more complex thtn it needs to be, wouldn't be the first time.

Help is appreciated, Glenn