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Default Bottom paint and gimble housing


Ok so there is endless info and rehashing on bottom painting and outdrive protection but i have questions. The boat I have has good bottom paint and brand new repainted outdrives. I do not the exact paint the marina used on the drives but they do not know what paint is on the hull. So my first question is how do I tell what type of paint is on there, its a fiberglas hull? Second question, they painted right up to the gimble housing and im going to strip the bottom paint the recommended 1" buffer perimeter around the drives but the question I though of was what if there is paint behind the gimble drives? Of course i can take the drives off and look however that is a heavy job for me and the marina just rebuilt and reinstalled them, of course they don't remember if they were painted before reinstalling the housing on transom.

See picture before rebuilt outdrives.

Please let me know of your professional options!!.
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