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Originally Posted by leadsled View Post
I just ordered a new Tohatsu 115 TLDI. I hope it will be as reliable as my 2005 Tohatsu 90 TLDI. I have run it for 9 seasons at over 100 trips out of the harbor. I have changed the plugs twice and replaced the waterpump impeller once just to make sure all the bolts would not seize up over time.Of course I change the gear oil in the fall.` The only thing that went south was the center console control. The shift handle rotted off from constantly soaking it with salt water when I pull my Lobster traps. So I put a plastic generic 2 lever control on it.The begining of last season the engine would quit every so often. The engine will self diagnose itself. the dealer read the "codes"and said "low voltage". The battery was only 1 season old and the terminals looked OK but they were not.I cleaned them and bingo problem solved. The TLDI engines need high voltage to run and when it gets bellow a certain amount it shuts the engine down. The dealer has not seen the engine since new. I think you could say the motor has been dependable.Moonlighter I never changed the filters or the Air pump belt. Your scaring me,I think the motor could have 2000 hours or more.
Yeah, maybe you would want to check the service manual, I can't recall whether that belt was ever 200 or 400 hours. Maybe 400. Be worth changing.

Also you are right about the TLDIs needing a big, very high power battery. And in good condition.