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Captain Mango
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I had a 115 TLDI on my bay boat that I sold 2 years ago. Most reliable motor you will ever find. Have a commercial crab fisherman here in Cortez FL with the exact same motor on a 24 Carolina Skiff. FIshes every day and never turns it off. Last service he had over 6000 hrs on it with nothing but routine maintenance. I also owned a 1993 Tohatsu 90 carbed 2 stroke on a skiff for years. Had over 3000 hours on it when I bought the bay boat. They are truly a bulletproof engine with regular maintenance. As Moonlighter475 said, there is a reason they are so popular in thrid world and remote areas. They run. As far as the cahnges with Tohatsu, they chose Honda as thier partner for their 4 stroke large engines they introduced last year. Anotehr reliable company.

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