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People often compare the noise of a Di two stroke to a four stroke, yet never say which four stroke - they're not all the same in my experience, just the same as an Etec is quieter than an Opti.

If the noise is a make or break thing for you, I think the only thing you can do is ask the dealer for a reference of someone who's bought a 115 TLDI and ask if he would mind you popping over to have a listen next time he's using the boat - and maybe the same with any four stroke you're considering. Again if the noise is something that concerns you, what about the type of noise - e.g. the smaller mid range Hondas are very quiet but it sounds more like you have a hair dryer than an engine on your transom, whereas a Suzuki 90 and 115 (my only experience of using that brand) are also super quiet, but do actually sound like an internal combustion engine.

Also worth bearing in mind it's only at slow speeds you're likely to hear the difference - once you're getting a wriggle on, hull noise and wind noise tend to become more significant than engine noise.

Looking at four strokes, the new 115 Mercury surely also has to be worth investigating?
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