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Hi Austin

I had a TLDI 90 on my last boat. It ran perfectly for the 5 years that I had it, and yes, it used noticeably less fuel than 90hp Honda 4 stroke on a friends boat of a similar size. No bull, they were really fuel efficient and economical motors. I expect that the 115 would be just as good.

They use normal synthetic 2 stroke marine TCW3 oil injection oil, not the expensive stuff that the evinrudes require.

Their injection system is similar to the Merc Opti's and nothing like the e-tecs. Actually the system was designed and licenced to both Merc and Tohatsu by Australia's Orbital technologies company.

The are significantly quieter than the Optis, which, in my opinion, sound like a cement mixer hanging off the back of the boat! Not nearly as quiet as a 4 stroke, though. The 90 had quite a growl to it, rumbled at idle a bit like a Diesel engine. Not unpleasant, though. Also, very little smoke or smell even when idling for quite a long time.

The Tohatsu reputation for rugged reliability and Japanese quality and attention to detail is, in my opinion, very well deserved. Lots of commercial fishers use them in very remote areas in Australia, and that says a lot about their dependability.

With the TLDI, unless things have changed, you will need to change the belt that drives the air injection pump every 200 hours. They also run the expensive platinum spark plugs but the good news is that they last twice as long as a standard spark plug. Also every 200 hrs there are a set of fuel filters that have to be replaced and were quite expensive.

The weak link was the standard Tohatsu alloy prop. Even the dealer told me they were a piece of, well, poo. I tolerated it for a year then put a Merc Vengeance stainless prop on it and it was sooooo much better it was unbelievable.

The only other thing was that the engine did not have NMEA 2000 output so you couldn't link up to your MFD to get engine data and fuel economy info. You would want to check if that was still the case. Otherwise you are stuck with the bog standard analogue gauges straight out of the 1980's.

Overall a very easy to live with motor. If a new boat I was looking at only had it as an option, it wouldn't overly worry me at all.

Now, having said all of that, the boat I replaced that one with, I ordered with a Suzuki DF115 4 stroke. In 2010.

It is simply a great engine. Smooth, quiet, powerful, economical, and the current A series 115 is even more efficient than my 2010 model. A mate has a pair of them on his boat and the figures show they are easily 10-15% more fuel efficient than mine!

So I can't imagine the TLDI 115 being more economical than the current A series 115, although I suspect it would give my 2010 model a run for its money!

Beautiful Japanese engineering and quality.

Easy to work on. No particularly expensive filters to replace. Starts instantly. Will troll at idle speed all day without caring at all. And will then jump onto the plane without hesitating. Suzuki SS props in a 14x20 is perfect for my boat and seems to suit many others too. Pulls 6200rpm and loves to do it. Sounds like a little Cosworth formula engine at those revs!

NMEA data and digital gauges if you want them (yes please! Especially the newly released colour ones!!)

Worth an extra $500 -$1000 over the Tohatsu? Yeah baby! (Although if the difference was a lot more than that I might just think about it!). They are really at the next level, actually, make that 2 levels up in sophistication and design over the Toeys.

Just for the quietness, smoothness and total absence of smoke and smell, and no messing around or worrying about refilling the oil tank. Like your Yammy, you can barely hear them at idle.

Hope that helps, from someone who has owned both.

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