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Default Tohatsu 115 TLDI ?

Hi fellas. Been looking around at new and used boats for a while and am pretty set on ordering a new C-Hawk 19cc. Just having trouble deciding what motor to get on it. The closest dealer to me (that also has the best price on the boat) carry's Tohatsu's and swears by the TLDI (of course). It's about $500-$1000 cheaper than a 4 stroke mercury or suzuki. There seems to be quite a few of the lower HP TLDI's around, but doing a lot of reading there doesnt seem to be many reviews/posts talking about the 115, which is the biggest 2 stroke they make. Everything I read about the smaller engines is nothing but good things and many stories of these engines with thousands of hours and still running like new...
I'm not really concerned with reliabilty, I'm confident that any modern outboard engine is going to be pretty good with proper maintenance.

So here is what I've gathered comparing the Tahatsu to a 4 stroke. I realize the E-Tec is similar, and possibly better, but with it being quite a bit more than the 4 strokes it's not even a consideration to me. the Tahatsu has a cheaper initial cost, less maintenance, lighter weight, easier to work on, and possibly more reliable. Disadvantages are that it's going to be louder, less eco friendly, and probably get worse fuel mileage. Though, the dealer tells me they are better than a 4 stroke, I have a hard time believing that. I also realize resale value and/ or ease of sale will probably be less.

So does anybody have one of these? How much oil am I realistically going to burn? Dealer says around 100/1 ratio. At $35/gallon that will add up quite a bit over time. I realize I wont have to change the engine oil, but that is only a $50 job and an our of my time once or twice a year. And what about fuel consuption and noise. How much louder is this going to be than a modern 4 stroke? I had a Yamaha f60 on my last boat and loved how quite ans fiel efficient it was. Couldnt even hear it idling...

I'm leaning towards a four stroke, but want to make sure the extra cost is going to be justifiable.

Just looking for some experience/ opinions. Thanks, Austin
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