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Originally Posted by antib551 View Post
Countersink screws through rubber pieces on the bottom and run a bead of silicone around it?
That's what my girl wants me to do.
Originally Posted by On the Half Shell View Post
I've commented on here several times that I've never seen the need for a premium cooler such as Yeti, Frigid Rigid, etc but I'm getting ready to drop some coin on a Yeti 65.

The reason is not so much the "ice for days" claims (which Coleman and Igloo both makes coolers that keep ice longer) but the design of it. I can even get discounts on Igloo and Yukon but don't like the design of them.

I want a cooler to double as a casting platform and I want it to be relatively long but not too high. 13" height would be ideal but I'll go up to 16" high. I also don't want a bunch of things for line to get hung on or bulky exterior handles that take up cargo room (Yukon). So far, the Yeti 65 or 75 seems to fit the bill the best. You can reverse the handles so they don't stick out to catch fly line.

The Frigid Rigid is the only one I think is worth $400+ but the problem is it cost $650 for the one I would like to have. I'm just not ready to do that.

I sure wish I could find a better alternative for me but so far I haven't.
I don't need mine as a casting platform. For some reason I just hate spending $300 + for a cooler.