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Originally Posted by ol guide View Post
Ahh, good form, but your attempt to lord over me through your perceived self worth is wasted on me and most others. I know you have high esteem for yourself, and that is the hallmark of the liberal puke. I am not intellectually intimidated by you, as few are, but rather ashamed that i defended people like you. If your quality of life was a few notches below where it is, you might have a different perspective. Trust me, your not worth getting angry about. Im 70 and have lived through more wars and conflict than you can imagine. I wouldnt waste my energy on being angry with a fool.
This is unforgivable.

The taxpayers paid for you to protect them. That was your job. Whether you needed the money or not does not matter. I am not sure if you worked for free as, from you car collection, we can all tell that you are wealthy, but if you did take pay, then give it back or keep quiet.

Nothing irks me more than a puffed up chest declaring they defended the freedoms and rights of an unseen and unknown American. You did your job and were compensated for it. The Americans you "defended" did their job by paying the taxes to pay for you to do the job you were tasked to do. Neither more important than the other.

How dare you ask them to pay the taxes that provide you with the resources to do your job and then question the very manner in which those resources are provided.

You were a government employee. Show some respect.