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I don't know that we're facing a police state. Perhaps it's more properly called a nanny state, enforced by the police. The police don't make the rules; they simply enforce them. Having said that, the police are smart and know they can stop me at 10pm one evening because one of my headlights was out. We had a nice conversation and I went on my way after thanking the policeman because I didn't realize my headlight was out. But, had I looked suspicious, acted inappropriately, or the policeman was a jerk, the stop could have turned into an unreasonable search and seizure allowed because of some fabricated probable cause. My further movement could have been impeded, and I think that's the type of thing the OP is writing about. I could go on and on about other restrictions; some have mentioned the second amendment, for example, but I get tired of explaining myself to liberals and/or sheep whom would argue it's not raining while standing in a deluge.