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Originally Posted by SEATOAD View Post
I got spanked with a belt, a switch, a hairbrush, a yardstick, etc you name it. I also think my earlobes are probably half an inch lower due to being dragged around by them all the time. I also got whacked on the back of the head a lot.
I was smarting off in English class as a freshman in HS and a franciscan brother came up from behind and gutted me. I bet I was on the floor a good five minutes. Only thing worse was gettin an invitation to the boxing ring with Brother Francis.

The wooden spoon was my mom's favorite.

I was a really rotten kid and deserved most of it.

One of the times I didn't deserve it was when I was 12 or 13 or so and this kid's older brother (abt 18) came up and accused me of beating up his younger brother. I never had even seen his younger brother - but I got the crup beaten out of me even so. Broken nose, teeth out, etc. Found out who he was and that his Dad was a NYC detective who ended up with 4 flat tires.

I never minded whacking somebody who pizzed me off.
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