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Default NBC's The Slap?

Are you going to watch this mini series? What is your take on it, in other words which side of the fence are you going to fall on?

Plot Summary:
At a barbecue in suburban Melbourne, a man slaps a three-year-old boy across the face. The child, Hugo, has been misbehaving without any intervention by his parents, "the steely-eyed Rosie and the wimpish Gary".[1] The slapper is Harry, cousin of the barbecue host and adulterous businessman whose slightly older son, Rocco, is being threatened by Hugo. This event sends the other characters "into a spiral, agonising and arguing over the notion that striking a child can ever be justified. Some believe a naughty boy should be taught some discipline, others maintain the police ought to be brought in to investigate a common assault"[1] with a range of positions in between.

Personally, if the little brat came after me and my child with a baseball bat (as in the previews) you're damn skippy he would get an attention getter.

I do not think I am going to devote my time to this 5 week mini series though. Just a little too touchy feely you need a participation trophy kind of show for me.
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