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Originally Posted by Squidd Vicious View Post
Is the swimming pool above or below grade ? If below, what is the construction of the pool vinyl/concrete? Does the swimming pool have an auto-fill ?

Where is the nearest large body of water (i.e.; lake, river, etc.).
Gunite pool, below ground. no auto fill, he said he doesn't have to add a lot of water

I noticed on the opposite side of the house from where I found the water, the water supply is dripping at about a drip per second (bad valve)

I ran a sewer camera into a drain only a few feet from there, hit a blockage then busted the concrete, then dug a hole. There is no water in that area. The water was found 30 or so feet further from there on the opposite side of the house.

The house is a couple miles from a river. I've lived in this area for 25 years or so and have never heard anyone with issues like this.