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I've previously worked in situations like this. At my last job, we had 3 people like this all at different times.

Management knew what was going on, but it was easier for them to expect us to pick up the slack than it was to fire the person and bring someone competent in.

The 3rd person got so bad that she would turn her phone off such that we never heard it ring. Turned out one day my supervisor checked her voicemail....she had over 100 messages unread.

Yet, she would spend time during the day talking with defense counsel and BSing. I seriously think she didn't know what the hell she was doing. Really dumb girl.

Once word got around that I was looking for a new job, they decided to fire her. But only because the client complained so loudly. Unfortunately for them, I gave my notice the day after she was shit-canned.

Cliffs notes: either bring it up to management and ask for action or suck it up, pick up his slack, and deal with it. Easier for them to expect you to pick up his slack than it is for them to deal with the problem and bring somebody new in.