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Default It started with the iphone..

If you remember, my new hire was on the phone with his pookie bear about every 1/2 hr. So far I have heard the whistle of the Iphone text alert nine hundred fifty five thousand times in the last seven months. I listened to the majority of the THT guys and left him alone, no micromanagement at all, this I think was like the old saying give them an inch.. Update.. the guy has been late roughly ten times, called out three times, he said" F it" I'm not driving in this safe see you tomorrow. Today hes a no show, no call, I'm assuming that its because of the snow again? I need some suggestions about how to handle this, the problem is Ill never go to the boss no matter what.. I have told this guy a hundred times you need to be on time, pay attention, take your job seriously, and work hard.. Nothing seems to get through to him. I like the guy, hes fun to work with but I find myself working twice as hard because of him.. Suggestions?
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