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Has this problem always existed?

Is the house located in a low laying area in comparison to the terrain around it?

Is the municipal water meter located at the house or on street or ally? You could have a pretty major leak between meter and municipal supply line.

You may also have a leak in the municipal water supply line itself somewhere in it's proximity where it passes by the house. C/C Same potential for municipal sewage.

For the ground saturation you're describing I'm thinking it's originating from a un-metered source somewhere in the general area of the house. Ground saturation to the point of standing water so close to the surface would involve so much water that if it were going through a meter and paying someone would have looked and fixed the leak on the first billing cycle.

Moving on, a big dehumidifier would just dry the air not the soil and it would also create a lot of surplus heat in the house. Digging out the hole and installing a sump pump may be the best method that would remove some of the excess water.