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Default Concrete moisture issue

A buddy of mine has a house that was built in 74, parts of the house
continue to mold (just the parts touching the concrete). Evidently the vapor barrier has been compromised and the slab is porous and my guess is the HVAC unit pulls the water through the slab.

I checked the concrete with a moisture meter and cut out the concrete in a couple areas where the readings were high, in one spot about 3' below the slab I hit water. All the soil is damp, even muddy under the concrete UNDER a covered patio, in the backyard.

I've done test to see if the water supply was leaking and I did a hydrostatic test on the plumbing/sewer lines, both checked out fine.

The house is located in a suburb north of Houston, it's: slab on grade, monolithic construction, the backyard does have a pool, thats my next guess as a source.

I called a company that locates and repairs these type issues and they said I had already done everything they would do, that theres no need in paying them to come. That it was likely a ground water issue.

Any thoughts? I suggested leaving a hole in the concrete and installing a huge dehumidifier to try and dry out the water under the slab.