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Originally Posted by OldPete View Post
I don't understand why there is all this hoop-dee over Brian Williams and the news stories being BS, etc.

You mean to tell me that when you watch the "News" you really believe that the story is being told as it happened a majority of the time? Really?

Get real -- it's all BS. Doesn't matter if it's Brian Williams, Barbara Walters, or whoever. If you don't think it's BS just look around you. Look at the politicians. "for the people by the people"... yeah... because y'all are really going to black tie dinner for $5k a plate in a limo all the time. Yeah -- you're the people. LOL.

Sorry... but the Brian Williams thing is just silly.
Pete is dead on..

Having had experience with national news before, I can tell you it's NOT about the truth but about the story and any innuendo that can be implied...
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