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Default Dolphin vs Mahi Mahi

Do any other Florida (or southeastern) natives get really annoyed when your waiter recommends the 'Mahi Mahi,' and you say 'I love dolphin, give me the dolphin reuben with a side of fried dolphin fingers, and blackened dolphin for the lady...' and they look at you with blank stares or like you're crazy?

I always feel compelled to educate whatever 21 year old recent arrival is serving me that that large body of water to the east of us is, in fact, the Atlantic, and not the Pacific.... I did not greet you with an 'aloha.'

I understand it's to keep the cruise-boat set from yelling in horror 'You're serving flipper!!?!?! How could you!?!?!?' ....but it still annoys the hell out of me.
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