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Default Freeman 37 & 34 - Miami 2015 *video added!*


Check out this video!

As we complete final preparations for the 2015 Miami boat show figured we would give our THT friends and followers a sneak peak.

We will have 2 boats at the show this year, a super tricked out 37VH and a nicely equipped 34VH.

The 37VH was designed for HUK Performance Gear and they loaded her down with very cool options!

Check them out at http://www.hukgear.com/

Keep an eye on these guys they are going to do great things in the coming years!

Some of these you may have seen before but this should tell the story!
Name:  37%20Freeman%20HUK2_zpshvuno4a6.jpg
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Name:  37%20Freeman%20HUK_zpsxiuk2kog.jpg
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Still have to add cup holders and arm rest to the center console but you can get the idea.
Name:  257B9592-7819-4C4B-8982-0B575962BE2A_zpsmy5utny1.jpg
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Photoshop work of the wrap the HUK guys will use and yes the Freeman logo will be also included.
Name:  1E22701E-8263-49E7-B080-C74319969875_zpsu66czmpo.jpg
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Here are the performance numbers with Yamaha 23p props, the biggest ones they make. We are working on getting some higher pitch Mercury props. She has more top speed we just need the props to get to it.

Name:  96D6E9A6-247C-4300-AC82-FB76500C593A_zpsokzgn7nf.png
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We hope to have more numbers before the boat show. She has tons of torque! Feels like a sports car.

Now for the 34VH!

Name:  IMG_8052_zps4ezp56of.jpg
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Very windy during this sea trial. Need more predictable weather to get final numbers but here is a start.
Name:  IMG_8009_zpsfkkf8qqy.jpg
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Name:  IMG_8011_zpstw7rsceo.jpg
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Thanks to all of our THT supporters! Please stop by Sea Isle Marina slips 317 & 319 and check us out! See you there!

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