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Originally Posted by TheRealMacGyver View Post
This ones a bit more, $999. But from what I have seen looks like a pretty fair deal. It is a 1990 so it is older. Just from the ad would you bother with this one?
That cart will not have a solid state speed controller. Instead it has a bunch of resistors. Regardless of how far you depress the pedal the batteries will always see the same load. If you mash the pedal all the way to the floor all of the amps will go to the motor and hence you go "full speed". If you push the pedal only 1/2 way then 1/2 the amps go to the motor and 1/2 get wasted by simply heating up some of the coils. 1/4 pedal = 3/4 gets wasted, etc. As you might imagine batteries don't last as long on resister carts.

If you are okay with the speed/torque of a stock 36V cart then you might consider that cart. However, if you think you will ever want to put taller tires, or a lift kit, or a rear facing seat, or a faster motor, then don't bother with that cart.