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I still don't understand how golf cart battery maintenance gets such a bad rap.
Keep your terminals clean, keep them charged and keep them full of distilled water.
As far as his do you know if the batteries are good, take a load tester and test them all out. A carbon file load tester is best, northern tool sells one for like $75. All the batteries should maintain even voltage.
I've been building, servicing, and selling carts since this summer. To be honest, without a $2,000 battery tester that tests all of the batteries at the same time, you can't really be sure if you're getting good ones or not.
Trojan and US batteries are the top of the line. We get 4 years out of a set in our fleet of 10 carts that get driven 8+ miles a day during the camping season. I would say if the batteries are old, you are going to need new ones pretty soon, 4 years is a pretty realistic expectation.
On one of the terminals of the batteries it will have a letter and number stamped on it, for instance, C4 means the 3rd month of 2014.
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