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Originally Posted by Johnny Dreamer View Post
I put the phone down on Danny and took another slug. Things sure do change quick.

Next up I called BlueRudy, that guy is always good for a story.

"Hey, did you know Danny shouts Yellow! when he answers the phone?"
"Must be his heritage. Whaddya want Johnny? Time is broads."
"Just a story buddy, just a story."

This is what Blue told me...

Johnny my boy, I've had plenty o'women walk out on me.
After a while when you quit feeling sorry for yourself and the liquor doesn't help anymore,
you'll wake up kiss the goat good-bye dust your dungarees off and sneak out of the zoo.
On that walk of shame to the flop house, there you will see her slinging hash at the waffle house.
A beauty, of pure radiance with golden locks and nicotine stained teeth.