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Default I'm not gonna lie... was cold outside. She'd gone and left me with a crumbling apartment and broken down car, neither of which I could afford. The good times had long gone, driven off in my repossessed BMW, the ultimate humiliation experience. I'd only loved her long enough to despise rather than outright hate her, but now that she was gone, none of that mattered, it was cold outside and I needed a drink.

I called up my buddy, Danny. Danny, the handsome divorcee with a knack for knickers. We used to call him "fireman" because he could get inside anything, no matter how hot.

He answered on the third ring...

"Hey, Danny, it's Johnny. Tell me a story bud, and make it good. It's cold out and she's gone and left me again. This time I know she means it. She took all the smokes."

This is the story Danny told me...