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Awesome info and feedback.

I am probably going to be buying a 2200 Carolina Bay in the coming week or so. I am very glad you mentioned your dislike for the 200.... was there anything else besides the noise you didn't like, such as performance, or was it just a general feeling of dislike you got? Did you test the inline four 200 or the V6 200? the 4.2 liter 225 is actually lighter than the legacy V6 200.

Regarding the trim tabs, I noticed that none of the Tidewaters I looked at today had trim tabs. I also noted that the unique transom design would make for a unique tab install... do the pistons of your tabs mount to the sponsons on the transom? What size tabs did you go with?

I'm pretty excited and can't wait to pull the trigger on my new ride. I'll post photos when I got the deal sealed. It's a beautiful boat. thanks again for posting.
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