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Originally Posted by Sneaky Snook View Post
Cola Hoo,

Thank you for posting this... I'm actually looking at a 2200 with a 200 Yamaha.

Not sure you've had the chance yet, but how does the boat handle in seas? Say 2-3?

The website advertises the boat with a 9" draft with no motor and dry. How does yours draft to the keel (not the pocket transom?)

What is your overall opinion of how it handles?

What bracket did you use and how did you mount the talon?

Beautiful boat man. Thanks again for sharing. Congrats!
The boat I tested was with a 200 Yamaha 3.3L. I was not at all impressed with that 200. Very loud. I went with the new 225 4.2L XCA. I believe it was the 1st Carolina Bay rigged with a 225. I am not big into speed so the 250 was a big need for me, but I am no engine expert but I believe the 225 is built on the same block as the 250. She goes 55-58 mph without a problem. Cruising speed for me is 23-30 mph. 4.7-5.7 gph for what I remember. Haven't had her out in a month.

The boat handles very well in 2-3. The boat's beam is 8'6" and with the flair it provides a very wide and solid platform. I would suggest trim tabs. This is just personal opinion and like. I haven't had the boat in an any skinny water yet so I can't give you a solid answer on that, but with how wide the boat is the weight is well balanced and doesn't list on its side when two adults are on one side.

The boat handles great and went with the tilt steering for better handling and comfort when on the helm. Like I mentioned earlier I was sold on a Young 24 Bay but couldn't swallow the price. This was the next best thing I could find and I am so happy with my decision. One thing that's really impressive is when you compare to other boats in its class (Sea Hunt, Key West, Sportsman etc) they look so small because the Carolina flair adds some much width and room at the bow down to the console. It's a massive difference.

The bracket on the talon was needed. I can't remeber the correct adapter bracket but I believe it was the sandwich style which mounts between the transom and outboard and not the side mount. I don't have a Jack plate but may add later.
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