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Originally Posted by Huntersun View Post
I'm going to get accused of being a BO fan boy but so be it.
Your post is correct on both parts but only in parts.

Agreed the sub-sonic drops like a rock and is intended for short range (100-125 yards) suppressed work.
Super-sonic (110-125gr) have very close ballistics to the 5.56 with better BC and weight carrying capabilities.

No surprise you could not find any BO on factory shelves after Sandy Hook as SAAMI did not certify the round till 01/2011, not hard to understand it taking mfg's a few years to ramp up. Comparing a newly certified wild cat availability to a mill surplus round that's has been in production for over 50 years is less then fair.
The availability will remain the same after the next terrible event.

I won't accuse you of being a fan boy. If that's your preference hats off.
It's splitting hairs for the average public that wants a weapon for the next revolution or just to protect their home and neighborhood with.
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