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Originally Posted by Boataholic View Post
Before you sell your Garand, do a little googling about the 300 blackout. Ammo is expensive. Are you planning on buying a suppressor? If not, just go with 308
All ammo is currently expensive, surplus .308 is still north of .70$/round for quality Hirt.

Current factory .300BO can be had from $1.00-$1.70 for premium loads. The BO was not designed to pray and spray but as a precession QUITE plate form so the need for large ammo surplus is not the goal. My take when building a BO is to go for the finest components available, best barrels, triggers, lowers ect.. to realize the potential the .300 BO has, the .30 cal BC is well known and for mid range and shorter this little unit is sweet.

My reloading costs are less then .55$/round and take the brass out it's closer to .35$/round, granted I buy in bulk and do not count my time.