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WOW ! Best answer Now I need to decide if i want to sell my Garrand (sp?)
to help fund the purchase ...

If you have a Carbine to sell PM Me ...

Originally Posted by Huntersun View Post
Extremely versatile round for reloading, great for SBR application or pistol build as you only need 8" for complete powder burn. Wicked suppressed with sub-sonic 208-220gr. The 110-125 super-sonic's will penetrate 20+" of ballistic gelatin at 300 yards, plenty power for most four legged critters. The night varmint (pigs and coyotes) hunters use them for there lack of flash and quick follow ups when multiple targets appear.

Got my first Whisper when JD Jones was building them in his basement using Contender's. Back then we were necking 221 fire ball brass. With the factory brass available and once fired 5.56 brass worked for ($130.-$150./1000) your reloading cost are low.

I have more 300BO's in my safe then any other single caliber, my 5.56 guns are getting jealous.

PS: Leupold, ACOG, Burris and a few other scope makers have dedicated products that are marked for both super and sub loads.
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