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Originally Posted by Wolakrab View Post
As part of my regimen for weight loss and getting in shape, I started walking last May. I am up to almost 4 miles at a brisk pace(3.8-3.9 MPH)every other day, and over the last couple of months I've started to notice a pain in the ball of my left foot. Went to the doctor, and he diagnosed metatarsalgia, AKA stone bruise. Damn, it hurts. I have been doing my best to ignore the pain and walk my way through it...I take an OTC pain reliever when it gets really bad, and that helps. I just bought a new pair of walking shoes, so hopefully that will help it as well.
Anyone else here have this problem? If so, what has worked best for you? Orthotics? Or just deal with it?
I got a pair of these:

The first couple of days you want to cut your feet off after wearing these. Tough it out for a week or so till the tendon gets stretched out & your feet will never feel better.

Been wearing these inserts in my work shoes for the past several years.

If I put on other shoes with out any inserts or support for more than a day or 2, my feet go back to hurting again.

These inserts really work.

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