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The pain is from Metatarsal tendon inflammation where it attaches to the heal bone, usually the root cause is the tendon is too tight all the time. If you can get it to stretch, the pain will go away.

Try getting a piece of 4x4, stand with the balls of your feet on the wood and try to touch the floor with your heels. Or get a tennis ball and anytime you are sitting, put the tennis ball under the arch of your foot.

I had it in both feet and could never get it to loosen up enough to get the pain to go away. My Podiatrist performed an out-patient arthroscopic procedure, 1 foot at a time, where he snipped a part of the tendon. They go in from the side so there is a small incision on each side of your heel. When it heals the spot in the tendon is more supple, the tendon can stretch and the pain goes away.

Worked awesome, no more issues.

I would still try stretching first.

Best wishes on getting that resolved !