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I installed two Honeywell Wi-Fi programmable thermostats in our house last year and have been really happy with them. I have ours programmed for our seven day schedule and our settings are as follows.

Winter: Heat on 68 degrees when home, 65 degrees at night and while we are gone.
Summer: AC on 76 degrees when home, 79 degrees when we are gone.

On the weekends when we are at the coast I set the thermostat up to 80 degrees. For vacations where we will be away for a week at a time I usually set it to 85 degrees and turn it back on remotely when we start home.

Over the last year our average savings has been right around $70-$75 per month compared to what we were paying. Lets just say the thermostats have long since paid for themselves! This past month we received the highest electrical bill of the year thanks to the really cold days we had. It was just under $200 and this is an all electric 3000 + sq ft home!