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Originally Posted by skillet64 View Post
I program mine to come on 30 minutes before we awake and shut down 30 minutes Before we leave on weekdays. Then on 60 minutes before we normally get home and reduce 60 minutes before we go to bed. I usually adjust temperature change of 4-6 degrees differential only. I think if you do larger differential you need to adjust your start up times earlier.
There are thermostats that let you set temperature X you want at time Y. Those t'stats will start the furnace early enough to make sure the temperature is Y at time X. Our Lux t'stat takes about 2 days after being programmed to figure out how to do that. We programmed a setback to 65 degrees overnight, then back to 70 at 5:00 AM. Furnace comes on between 3:30 and 4:30 AM depending on how cold it is outside and by 5:00 AM the house is at 70. It does this without an outside temperature sensor.
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